Global Reach. Local Delivery

Global Reach. Local Delivery

Global Reach. Local Delivery

Global Reach. Local Delivery


Not Just A Provider Of Staffing Services

We directly operate manpower projects around the world for clients, including NATO, UK MOD & US DOD, and depend on our skills, infrastructure, network, and knowledge to effectively implement solutions in the challenging environments in which we do business daily. We understand firsthand the importance of qualified and ethically recruited manpower; deployed and managed in compliance with law, policies, and strict project schedules and programmes. We test ourselves every day and constantly seek to improve our approach and ultimately the quality of our service.

Alert – Fraud in the International Job Market
GSS is aware of instances where individuals and companies have used GSS’ name and logo to solicit potential job seekers or to extend false job offers.

GSS will never ask for any payment for recruitment services or advance payment for any part of the recruitment process. GSS will never charge candidates fees for visa applications, flight tickets, processing fees etc.

Job seekers are urged to use extreme caution when replying to job advertisements or before providing any personal information. If you are asked to pay a fee at any stage this is an indicator that the position/offer is NOT genuine. All job seekers are welcome to check directly with GSS if a position is genuine via

Hybrid Solutions

Each directly supplied worker provided under our management can be accommodated, fed, managed, and transported to the relevant project site, without any input necessary from our client. Typically, each project requires a dedicated Project Oversight Unit, coordinated and supported by our Centralised Management Department (CMD). We take our decades of practical experience working in unique and demanding locales and apply it to every project we take on, always employing our company pillars of integrity and sustainability—every step of the way.

Global Reach

We have an international office network spanning key time zones – this span positions GSS to provide 24/7 support and response; to deal with any questions, request, or issues that may come up on site.

We currently recruit from multiple countries and leverage our established networks to identify and mobilize the right people for the job. We are not bound by geography and recruit staff from all corners of the globe. Our global reach accesses staff with experience in high risk and military environments and in performing similar tasks. GSS are currently contracted to provide total staffing solutions for Expat, Foreign National, and Host Nation workforces and are fully versed on all aspects related to the recruitment and deployment of these workforces Internationally.

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    United Kingdom
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    • British Embassy Baghdad
    • British Consulate Kurdistan
    • Hamid Kharzi International Airport, NATO contract
    • Kandahar AirfieldKandahar Airfield, NATO contract
    • Mazar-e-Sheriff, NATO contract
    • Herat, NATO contract
    • British Embassy, Kabul
    • Mina Salman Support Facility, UK MoD
    • British Embassy, Mogadishu
    • Al Minad Airbase, UK MoD
    • Musannah Airbase, UK MoD
    • Poland, US DOD