Mobilization specialists

Logistical challenges. Complex solutions

SOURCE. PREPARE. DEPLOY. Our mobilisation specialists will ensure your workforce arrives prepared and on time. The movement of people is one of the most controlled legal frameworks in the world but, as problem solvers, our experience of dealing with international consulates & embassies, gaining approval documentation from visas to attestations and accreditations, enables us to guarantee a successful mobilisation of your workforce every time. GSS has the unique experience of not only mobilising a workforce to a new country of operation, but to countries classed as remote & high risk and it’s this experience which drives our continuous improvement programmes in an ever-changing world.

Our mobilisation capability can be tailored to meet your requirements but we provide the following outline to give you an insight to our process:

  • Pre-Deployment orientation training to ensure staff are fully briefed on the role and location where they will be living and working
  • Collect personal details – next of kin, bank  information etc. to ensure personal files set
  • Security instructions and briefing/training on security and first aid/medical procedures
  • Full medical checks at accredited centres
  • National level police clearance certificates
  • Technical testing – specific tests designed to meet client needs
  • English tests to IELTS standards
  • Employment contracts in English, host labour law language and mother tongue
  • Full management of the deployment of staff
  • Full travel management including any visas and all travel bookings from home location to project site
  • Experienced in large scale deployments (e.g. 500 staff in single journey) to ensure we can meet with clients target timings
  • 24/7 communication during deployment to deal with any issues such as immigration or flight delays