In country management

Services on the front line

GSS provide full 365 24/7 support to staff on site via a local HR team and additional 24/7 management out of country through CMD support to provide emergency cover if required.

Local GSS site managers are co-located with workers and client management teams and can therefore deal with all issues directly and efficiently.

GSS site management teams speak to staff regularly via formal “worker’s groups” and also informally as part of being on site with the staff. Regular health and safety, hygiene, and cultural awareness sessions are delivered, to ensure compliance with the end-user policies, as well as local customs.

Full payroll monthly via bank transfer to home country – via local banks to comply with local labour laws and wage protection systems.

Staff are provided a full payslip each month that denotes all payments and any deductions for cash in country
Insurances to cover payments for Death in Service and full emergency medevac.

We carry, and are familiar with, DBA insurance, to support DoD projects.

Special events, planned leisure days, development training, and recognition programs, are all delivered as a value-added service for GSS managed staff.